It's True; the MBTA Ruins Lives

Wanna see something awesome? Of course you do. Go ahead and click here. It pretty much made my Thursday (and my life).

Someone created a Tumblr to show just how terrible the T really is. Whether you live in Boston and can relate to EVERY SINGLE ONE of these, or you live in another city and are subject to crappy mass transit on the reg, you’ll appreciate this.

(Unless you live in DC, which has like the best public transportation system in the country. Then you probably won’t get any of this. You should just continue lobbying and lawyering and any other boring things you DC folks do. I wouldn’t know.)

Just a few of my favorites:

How I feel when I get the last seat 

When the train stops moving for 10 minutes and they don't tell us why


Yeewuz said…
I just got sent that link at work this morning. It's really taking off after yesterday's shit show.
Brigid said…
I'm surprised it took this long for somebody to make something like this.