So Fresh and So Clean

I’m one of those weirdos who actually enjoys a visit to the dentist. The only New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever kept is the one I made back in 2009 to floss regularly. I’ve been faithful to this little habit, and trips to the dentist have been pretty great ever since. I’m very much motivated by public recognition, so a pat on the back for flossing every six months is more than enough reason for me to keep at it. I hear it also does wonders for your gums. Bonus.

Plus, the practice I go to now is the bomb diggity. Their reception area is clean and well-stocked w/ current magazines. I’ve never had to wait long for my name to be called, or for the dentist to come in after the cleaning. And they have off-street parking. Which pretty much secures their spot as my favorite dentist in town.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a blackish tinge on the bottom of my teeth near my gums. I was super grossed out and tried to brush that shit off. I got more and more worried, automatically assuming the worst. What if it was permanent damage that wouldn’t go away and would spread higher and higher until all my teeth were covered and my smile resembled some kind of witch circa the Middle Ages?

At the dentist on Saturday, before I could even ask about it, the hygienist asked me what kind of toothpaste I was using. I told her I switched often (whatever’s on sale is whatever I’m using) and was currently brushing w/ Crest Pro-Health. She nodded and said it was staining my teeth. I’ve never been more relieved (except when Hostess employees reached their deal and Twinkie production wasn’t shut down). Stains are meant to be cleaned away. I wasn’t going to have black teeth for the rest of my life. And I could celebrate w/ a Twinkie later. All was right w/ the world. 

So if you’re using Crest Pro-Health and you’ve noticed some staining on your teeth, don’t be alarmed. The type of fluoride in those toothpastes and mouthwashes will do that to you. Not necessarily; but it will if you have Murphy's Law on your side, like I do. 

I dumped my half-full tube of Pro-Health in the trash as soon as I got home. Then I grinned into the mirror like they do in the toothpaste commercials to smile at my white-again teeth. Then I went in the kitchen to eat as much sugar as I could get my teeth on.


melvin said…
Hi Brigid, my name is Melvin ; I wish you a happy new year.
Sarah said…
I use Arm & Hammer toothpaste per the recommendation of the dental hygienist and it has kept the stains off of my teeth.
Brigid said…
@Melvin: Thanks, you too = )

@Sarah: I like Arm & Hammer! It feels so legit on my teeth. My hygienist recommended Colgate Total, so that's what I bought. Maybe I'll call up Martin and Winkler and see what Jude suggests...