The One Time Running Trumped Cheese (Until After the Run)

You know what they say about the best laid plans...

Would you mind filling me in? I don’t remember what they say. But I’m sure its along the lines of planning something down to the last detail in your head and then getting home and parking yourself on the couch instead. Sound about right?

Around 2 in the afternoon yesterday I got myself all pumped up for a run. It was in the 30’s outside, I had a new long-sleeved shirt to try out, and B was going out w/ some work friends, giving me no excuse to get sucked into the couch.

Around 5:30 last night when I was getting off the bus, my motivation was shot. I was debating reasons for going vs. not going when I got a big craving for cheese (so what else is new). When B’s parents came over last Saturday, they left an economy sized jar of cheese con queso in our fridge. Guys; you know how I get around cheese con queso. Game, set, match. Sorry running shoes, go try to sway someone who’s got a little more willpower (and a lot less sense; who would pick running over cheese con queso?)

I’ll tell you who: this girl! I get in the house and see lil’ B running to the door, so excited to see me. We have a quick cuddle sesh, I fill him in on my day, and he pretty much calls me a dodo for skipping out on my run.

Um, what? This dodo might forget to dish out your dinner, if that’s how you feel (Yes, talking to my cat is a perfectly common occurrence).

But then I got to thinking about poor ol’ Binxy. Cooped up in the house all day, probably willing to give his next dish of yums up in exchange for a run outside. In actuality, Binx loves being an indoor cat (he ventured into the hallway one time and quickly ran back in the house after hearing the baby shrieking from two doors down) and wouldn’t trade his dinner for anything (we’re very similar, Binx and me). But picturing a little shut-in feline really does wonders for my motivation. 

I pulled out my reflective vest and went to town. 4 miles later, I didn’t even want that cheese con queso.

Half an hour later, though? Sure did.


Anonymous said…
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Yeewuz said…
"And B was going out w/ some work friends, giving me no excuse to get sucked into the couch."

Your bf sounds like a real winner...
Brigid said…
He really is ; )