You Know Your Weather is Generic When...

We went from 50 degree temperatures earlier this week to a severe weather warning in effect. Only in New England. Or you know, anywhere else in the world. 

Growing up in a place like Syracuse, known for nothing except the amount of snowfall it gets every year, I’ve seen it all before.

You know how to design your Halloween costume to fit over your snowsuit

Driving is better in the winter b/c the potholes are filled in

You’ve had frostbite and a sunburn in the same week 

You know what salt potatoes are (this one isn’t snow related, but salt potatoes always deserve a shout-out)

You see the lists “You know you’re from Syracuse when...” and get a good laugh out of them, thinking you’re hometown is SO original. Then you move anywhere else in the country and see the same list. Insert name of city here. The first time I saw a “You know you’re from New England when...” and recognized points I thought were “Syraucse-only” I felt like my entire childhood was a lie. At least we’ll always have salt potatoes.

It’s pretty awesome going from your spring jacket to your snowboots within a matter of days. This weather couldn’t have anything to do w/ the gnarly flu outbreak spreading around the country.

Neither could the guy who sneezed all over my phone on the train this morning. He was turning his head to be courteous of the woman in front of him, so she wouldn’t get any of his germs. So the woman behind him got them all. Nothing like starting off your hump day with a side of influenza.

The good thing about being from a snow trap like Syracuse is that weather doesn’t really affect my plans. If I want to go to the zoo, a silly little snowstorm isn’t going to stop me.

Although I don’t think this is what Fantastic Mr. Fox signed up for.


Yeewuz said…
"At least we’ll always have salt potatoes."
...and butter lambs
Sarah said…
Umm, while I agree that most of those lists are "insert city here", you can't argue that you know you are when Syracuse when you grew up wondering why there was a French Fort named Saulte Marie among the Iraquois in Liverpool.
Brigid said…
@BB: butter lambs aren't just in Syracuse. All the cool kids have 'em.

@Sarah: haha, that is straight off one of those lists! Well done.