Back in the Cat Saddle

I know what you’re thinking. Two posts in one day? Damn, that girl is stepping up her resolution game.

Don’t worry. I don’t make resolutions I know I will fail at. That’s why posting more often, more quality content on this blog isn’t something I’ll be doing in 2013.

The real reason for this post was to introduce this little guy.

Meet Binx 

B and I took a big step in our relationship this weekend. It was the first time he went back for seconds of the soup I made for dinner. I was practically giddy.

It was also the first time we allowed a strange animal into our home. Not strange like, a stranger; this little guy is our newest addition. Strange like, weird. While inspecting his new abode, he jumped right into the shower. 

Who does that willingly? That’s already one more time than I’ve been in there this year (I kid. Not really though). 

If last night didn’t calm any nerves we had about bringing a cat into the house, this morning certainly eased all remaining doubts. I was scooping out his breakfast and he nudged over the brand new bag of food. Instead of starting to eat from the food I already dished in his bowl, he went right for the spill and started helping himself. I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing.

You’re gonna fit right in here, Lil’ B.


Stephanie said…
Eeek! I love him! Binx is a great name, I'm going to assume it's the Hocus Pocus cat. Not named after the hocus pocus cat, but that he is, in fact, the exact cat. I like that.
Brigid said…
@Stephanie: hahaha, obvi! Brent wants to spell it "Binks", but I'm like, um, that's not how Hocus Pocus would have it.
Michelle B said…
Cute pictures...cute cat! I like your writing style.


-Mia @
Brigid said…
@Michelle: Thank you! We think he's pretty cute = )

I love finding new blogs to read. Can't wait to check out yours!