Another Traveling Post

I want to be back in the finger lakes. Drinking wine with my sisters. Enjoying vacation.

Instead I'm stuck on a bus back to reality with a bunch of strangers who are about as courteous as Gordon Ramsey (w/out the accent or redeeming portion of chicken cordon bleu).

I can't figure out how to post pics using the Blogger app (honestly, I can't figure out how to do a whole lot with the Blogger app; is it just me or is it about as user-friendly as the Bank of America helpline?)

So I'm left w/ a picture-less post (not all that unusual) and no solid content (which IS unusual...right? Please humor me; I'm sitting next to a woman who hasn't bathed since the Olympics started).

Barely through Albany, and just over two hours to go. If we don't hit any traffic approaching the city. I think there's a better chance of getting Peppe LePew over here into a shower than us getting into Boston on time.

Thank God for my neck pillow and the peanut M&M's I picked up in Albany. And Words w/ Friends. Find me at brigibaby. I could use another distraction (or ten) to keep my mind off the fact that I'm too poor to afford the travel accommodations of real people.


Yeewuz said…
I don't want to ruin your trip even more by dropping 60-point words on you. Ba-zing!
Brigid said…
Hardly. I think the student has become the teacher...or something like that. Ba-zing!
Anonymous said…
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