More Zoo Lovin'

B said that before me met me, the last time he’d been to a zoo was when he was like ten years old. In the time we’ve been dating, I’ve dragged him broadened his horizons on at least five zoo trips. I really know how to impress the menfolk. I pout when I don’t get my way. I openly throw temper tantrums in the middle of the supermarket. And I could spend all afternoon looking at the monkeys. Wifey material right here.

Good thing B loves it. I don’t know if I could be w/ a guy who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon of watching seemingly-depressed wild animals pent up in a cage with nothing left to live for. Kidding, obviously. I think zoos do a lot of good work for animals, and their efforts, though controversial, are always with good intentions. Plus I would be really bummed if I had to give up my zoo membership.

Yesterday we hit up Stone Zoo, a small-scale operation not even 15 minutes from us. No lions or elephants, but plenty of birds and dogs. Oh wait, that was the drive through the neighborhood en route to the entrance.

It was a small zoo, but still a lot of fun. The animals were surprisingly active for a hot summer day. Except for the jaguar, who caught a patch of sun and was snoozing all afternoon. Living the life, right there.

Black bear, black bear, what do you see?
Besides the twenty screaming kids that look like dinner.

The best part about Stone Zoo wasn't the small crowds or member reciprocity benefits from belonging to Franklin Park Zoo. It was the Friendly's that was down the street. Animals and ice cream? That's my kind of Sunday.


Looks like fun to me! Sometimes I feel bad for them, but then sometimes I'm like hey at least you're not getting eaten!
xo kelsey said…
I frickin love zoos!! Well half of me is kind of depressed by them, but the more optimistic half of me loves them :) My favorite section of our zoo is the Artic exhibit. Cuz it's air conditioned, and I can literally just sit there and watch polar bears & puffins for hours :)
Brigid said…
Sometimes I get a little sad watching the animals, but mostly I think they're better off being helped.

I wish our zoo had polar bears! That sounds like a pretty bomb exhibit.