If You Want to Feel Inspired

I like to think of myself as a stand-up citizen. A gainfully employed, law-abiding taxpayer who always brakes for animals and will carry around a gum wrapper in her pocket all day if there’s no trash can nearby (although, as a pedestrian, I will admit to jay-walking and playing chicken with cars at high-traffic intersections).

If I’m feeling really smug, I’ll pull the “national service” card. Yeah, I served two years as a “professional volunteer.” I get things done for America #SelfRighteous #NoOneCares

Last night I’m enjoying SVUesday (SVU mini-marathon, every Tuesday night on USA. USA isn’t paying for me for this promotion; I just love me some Elliot Stabler) and at every commerical break they’re running promo’s for the Do Something! Awards. Obviously, as a fellow do-gooder, I was completely oblivious to such awards intrigued by such a concept.

The only turn-off was that they hadn’t landed anyone great to host the awards. All the promo’s featured the guys from New Girl. The DoSomething! producer clearly wasn’t watching the VMA’s back in 2000 when the Wayan’s brothers hosted what was probably their most awkward performance ever. And they must have been living under a rock last awards season after the Anne Hathaway and James Franco Oscar disaster. Multiple hosts? Hard to pull off. Especially by the guys of a new show that haven’t really found their following yet. Two words: Pain. Full.

I wasn’t glued to the screen, but I was checking in occasionally. I kept seeing the nominees for the finalists for the young world-changers. These amazing individuals took a social issue that they were passionate about (teen pregnancy, clean water as a basic human right, etc) and pioneered a project aimed at resolving it. These kids were legit. And, yes, I say kids; all nominees were 25 or younger (I may have had more than a few “what the hell am I doing w/ my life?” moments).

I think I choked up every time someone took the stage. See the list of winners here. I love being reminded that this world is filled with kind and decent people. It compensates for all the grimy mofo’s I see on my daily commute.


Yeewuz said…
The DoSomething! producer clearly wasn’t watching the VMA’s back in 2000...

Or as Kiernan Shipka would say, "That was so long ago."

Multiple hosts? Hard to pull off.

Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin. Checkmate.
Brigid said…
You think you're sooooo smart. For the record, I never saw them co-hosting, so I can't make a comment one way or the other.