Why Friday the 13th is Better Than Today

I was on the bus this morning, nagging B about how I needed to find a mailbox minding my own business, when I caught the date scroll by on the monitor above the driver. Monday, August 13, 2012.

*cue horror*

Why is it that only the date Friday the 13th incites such terror? Seeing that Monday flash across the screen scared me more than any Friday the 13th ever will.

Because superstition be damned, at least it’s Friday. If your group of friends is going to be picked off one by one and die a gruesome death, at least you’ve got the big party scene to look forward to. Complete w/ rave-style dancing and glow sticks. And probably some sex in a barn before your boo wanders off and you find him pinned to a pitchfork before turning around to face your own twisted fate.

I usually don’t mind Mondays all that much (compared to Tuesdays) but today isn’t a normal Monday; it’s Monday the 13th. All the more reason to wreak havoc, if you ask me; we’ve still got four more days until the weekend.

Camp Crystal Lake is probably the safest place to be come Friday the 13th; no one’s been cooped up in an office for five days straight. Nothing like a brutal week to spark a massive murder spree.


My Monday the 13th has been awful. Friday the 13th has nothing on Monday the 13th lol
Michele said…
LOL... So true! Monday the 13th, post a vacation is worse; today, I can smile because nothing will ruin this week away from the 'real' world!
Brigid said…
@Mallory: I know, right?! Monday the 13th is by far the scarier day!

@Michele: ugh, that is worse! hope you had a great vacation, though!