Don’t ya just love the first day back in the office after a vacation? Piles of paperwork and endless emails to catch up on. Nothing says "welcome back" like a passive-aggressive sticky-note.  

And I wasn’t even out for that long. Only 3 and a half days. How do people take extended vacations? The stress at the end of my trip about going back to work would totally negate any rest and relaxation the vacation afforded. Geez louise, I need one just thinking about it.

The good news: the day flew by. 4:30 never sneaks up on me like this.

The bad news: I thought it was Wednesday all day. Bummer.

In more bad news, I didn’t even get to catch up on all the blogs I missed while out. Or write about my trip. Which was the work I had on my agenda for today. Who knew ACTUAL work would interfere? After today, I don’t even have the energy to deal w/ the commute home. I’m browsing cab numbers now, dangerously close to having one pick me up in 20.

Ridiculous, if you ask me. You take a vacation and your work is still there for you when you get back. Not to mention the through-the-roof stress levels of dealing w/ all you missed. If today doesn’t merit a Taco Bell dinner, I don’t know what does.

I saw the best sign at one of the wineries. It made me feel a whole lot better about myself.

Because if they’re making these signs en masse, it must encompass a lot of people. Not just lazy ol’ me. Although lazy ol’ me was too poor to buy one. But you can bet I’ll be making my own version and hanging that shit in the kitchen. Forget the Pinterest conglomerate; I like to steal generate my ideas locally.


Yeewuz said…
I would hang that sign in a second. Hilarious and true.
Brigid said…
It would fit right in our seldom-used kitchen.