More Than Ready for a Vacation

My sisters and I are gearing up for our annual summer vacay this week. I’m leaving at noon to catch a 12:15 bus to Syracuse. Good thing I wore my spandex leggings to work today. I’ll be on a tight schedule and will be throwing elbows if anyone gets in my way. Although I probably have nothing to worry about. I’ve been traveling Greyhound for years (that's my life in the glam lane) and I don’t think a bus has ever left on time. But with my luck, they’ll be ahead of schedule. Maybe I should unpack my sneakers for my trek to South Station.

Don’t worry; I don’t plan on running or doing anything physical on this trip. The last thing I want is for the pain from last week to flare up again. I just brought my sneakers b/c I figure I should give my back some actual support. Maybe that's what living in Old Navy flip-flops 5 months of the year does to you. Lesson learned; from now on, I’ll spring for the Forever 21 flops. Those are probably Dr. Scholl’s approved.

I love when I tell people I’m going on vacation and they’re like, “oooh, where?!” They’re usually thinking along the lines of a high-end cruise, or a week in some Florida time share. Which is basically synonymous with our trip to an amusement park and camping. I mean, floating down the Lazy River at Darien Lake is better than any cruise I’ve ever been on (none), and sleeping on rocks in a tent at a New York state park sure beats a dry, bug free time share.

In all seriousness, I’m stoked for this trip. I haven’t been camping in years. I went a few summers ago with a bunch of friends from college, where we gorged ourselves on s'mores and beers and may or may not have egged on some nearby kids in a water balloon fight. And obviously smoked those little punks.

My sisters and I will also be hitting up a wine tour in the Finger Lakes region.

Napa has nothing on the Finger Lakes. Especially after a few bottles glasses of wine.  

New York has more to offer than overpriced apartments and Chanel knock-offs (just kidding, Manhattan, you know I can’t resist your grimey charms).

For real though, upstate New York is pretty gorgeous. Just ask Ithaca.

It's where we’ll be spending the night after the wine tour. Nothing like a hippie college town to make for some pretty great memories. Or some pretty epic blackouts. Seeing as it’s been a rough couple of days, I’m going w/ the latter.


Sounds fun! Have a great trip! I expect to see some blackout photos posted :D
Michele said…
Peter and I did the wineries of the Finger Lakes a few years back- Great Time! Have fun!!!
Brigid said…
Thanks ladies, I intend to have some fun!

I will def be posting pics ; )