Comcast Ruins Lives

Sorry guys, this is a total bitch fest. I’m literally FUMING right now. Over - surprise, surprise - Comcast. The issue from weeks ago is STILL not resolved. I really don’t feel like giving a play by play, and I’m sure no one cares to read it. I just needed to vent. And a 140-character tweet wasn’t cutting it.

Comcast denied that our issue was with them (shocker). They said it was w/ a wire in our building, and a third-party company needed to fix it. We’ve been going back and forth w/ this third-party company for weeks. Scheduling conflicts, no-shows, language barriers, you name it. The biggest obstacle being that they need access to some wiring room in the condo unit that only trustees can grant. And every time we race home to meet a trustee or set up an appointment that we’re guaranteed service on, the guy comes late or not at all. And the trustee’s all, I got shit to do, deuces.

We had an appointment scheduled this morning at 8. He guaranteed us we were his first appointment of the day, and he lived right near our neighborhood, so he’d be there bright and early. My sister is staying w/ us and working from home to be there when he arrives. The trustee doesn’t leave for work until 8:45, so even if the guy’s a little late, we’ll still be able to get access to the room we need. Fool-proof plan, right?

Last night B and I were talking about all our shows we were going to catch up on once we have our normal internet back. We have internet access now, but it’s slow as shit and I can’t spend another night buffering. I just can’t.

It’s our own fault, really. For having such high hopes. I mean, who do we think we are? Paying customers, or something?

Needless to say, the third-party dude was a no-show this morning. And the trustee is off to work. Safely guarding whatever keys we need to gain access to whatever room we need to get this fixed.

There's still no word from the tardy service rep. And I’m about to lose. My. Shit.


Sarah said…
uggghhhhh. Have you considered Clear?
Brigid said…
We've considered everything! Nothing else is in our area, unless we want dish. Comcast is, like, our only option. Too bad they suck so hard.