Up To My Old Tricks

Why hello there, Monday. You arrived impossibly early this week. Per usual.

I’m trying this new thing where I don’t hate Mondays. And the Sunday nights leading up to them. Yesterday was nice and leisurely, and the anxiety that usually sets in around 9pm was nowhere to be found. Most likely due to the fact that I was wrapped up in a season 3 catch-up session of True Blood. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it.

I don’t mind Monday all that much, anyway. It’s Tuesday you have to look out for. So we’ll see where this positive thinking is tomorrow morning around 6:15 when my alarm goes off. The way I see it, you only get one chance to start your day off right. Reaching over to shut off your alarm with more force than necessary while taking out half the contents of your nightstand and grumbling obscenities under your breath about another morning doesn’t exactly set the tone for a good day.

In other news, it was a terrible weekend for Operation: Aloha Hawaii Body. B and I had a wedding, followed by hotel partying. My diet wasn’t invited to either.

 beautiful centerpieces

I’ve come to terms w/ the fact that I won’t be frolicking on the white sand beaches sporting a brand new bikini and a flat stomach. Hell, I’ll be lucky to fit into my one-piece. And you know what? It won’t ruin my vacation. It might dampen B’s a little, though (jk, B tolerates loves me as I am; chocolate stained, beer bloated and all).

I mean, how could you not love these sweet dance moves?


Best dance moves ever. And I'll take chocolate and beer over a bikini any day.
Totally agree with you on Tuesday. My phone log proves more crazies call me Tuesdays for sure!!
Brigid said…
I try to be "good" w/ my eating, which works for like, a day, before I'm back to the nachos and cookies. Oh well!

Tuesdays are far worse = / Hope yours isn't too bad today!
Stephy Marie said…
Haha! You are awesome.
You look great either way. Love that dress!
Brigid said…
Aw, thank you!

It is a pretty cute dress, if I do say so myself = )