This Week Has Been Painful...But It's OK!

I’m leeeeeaving, on a jet plane. Don’t knoooow when I’ll be back agaaaaaaaaain.

Reason #57 to love blogging: you aren’t subjected to my horrendous singing voice.

That’s what I’ve been singing all day (don’t worry, not out loud) b/c in just two days I will be leaving. On a jet plane. Or a normal plane. I’m no aviation expert. What I do know is that American better not fuck this up for us.

Linking up w/ Amber and Neely for "It’s Ok Thursdays"

It’s OK... 

...that I’m on vacation come 5pm tomorrow, so you can guess where my mind’s been all week day. Hint: it’s not here

...that I’ve had the IT guy over to my desk twice today and am about to email him w/ yet another issue. I’m sure he loves it as much as I do.

...that my Hawaii diet didn’t exactly work. Those 15 10 pounds? Still there. That’s what spray tans are for, right?

...that I subjected B to a “what should I pack?” fashion show last night and he said all my dresses looked “fine” w/out actually looking at me once.

...that I’ll probably pack way too much and end up wearing the same bathing suit and shorts the entire trip.

...that I NEED to do laundry tonight b/c my favorite pair of shorts are in the hamper and I’m not leaving the continental US w/out them.

...that instead of going home after work to do laundry and make last-minute lists for our trip I’m going out for dinner and drinks w/ a friend from work. Harmless, right?

Let’s just hope I don’t take it here. Or here. More for B’s sake than mine.


Stephanie said…
Vacation! I want to go :( But, in lieu of you packing me in your suitcase, could you do this instead?
That'll make me happy. kthanx.
Pamela said…
Would Loveeeee to be going somewhere - fun!
new follower - hope to get a follow back!
Pamela said…
Would Loveeeee to be going somewhere - fun!
new follower - hope to get a follow back!
Nikki said…
I'm jealous! I would love a vaca, I hope you guys have fun! I'm stopping by from the hop.
Brigid said…
@Stephanie: LOVE stefan. Done and done ; )

@Pamela: Thanks for stopping by, I'll be sure to visit your blog!

@Nikki: Thanks, we're so excited to go somewhere fun! Can't wait to check out your blog!