Poor GaGa

Just stumbled on this picture of Lady GaGa.

Think my day could have done w/out seeing that.

But is all the media speculation about an alleged drinking problem and gaining some LB’s really necessary? Yeah, she’s a wildly successful international icon. An unconventional pop star. A weirdo woman who marches to the beat of her own drum, for sure. So she’s going to have her share of the spotlight. But this fat shaming? Needs to be stopped all together.

A flattering picture, it is not. But it’s also not a cause for alarm. Here’s a girl who’s body used to be on point. Lean, toned, strong, Gaga had it going on. Then she started to get a little skinny looking. Too skinny, if you ask me #imjustjealous

In the above picture? She’s clearly put on some weight. But it shouldn’t be headline news. Maybe she had an injury. Maybe she’s on a new medication. Maybe she’s been going real hard w/ the pizza. Who knows? And really, who cares? Her weight shouldn’t be anyone’s business but her own.

So eat up, Gaga. Relish it while you can. Because after this PR disaster, your team will be on their way to cutting out carbs and amping up your work-outs.

I’m not going to say I don’t love a good sensational headline. Who doesn’t? How do you think Us Weekly stays in print? I’m just not down w/ all the body image hating. You can sell enough magazines with “Who Wore it Best” and the latest drama on the royal family w/out throwing people under the bus for going up a size or two.

Because in her next headline picture, Lady Gaga will look emaciated and anorexic. And we'll all wonder why.


Not a flattering picture, but she still looks better in that ensemble then I would. Le sigh.
Brigid said…
I know, right? Although can anyone really pull off an all-meat ensemble?