We're Classy Like That

Yesterday was a pretty important day. Yom Kippur? Celebrating the Sox winning the ‘04 World Series at Fenway? Or, more importantly, the premiere of The Mindy Project?

All these things did take place yesterday, but that’s not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about the two-year anniversary of me and this guy.

me driving him to drink is pretty typical

B actually agreed to go w/ me on a run last night. It was even his idea! I’m working on getting him to run a 5k w/ me, so this was a pretty rad anniversary gift. We planned on doing an easy half mile jog around our ‘hood, but it ended up being closer to three-quarters of a mile. For a non-runner like B, this was cause for celebration. 

we only stock the best in our fridge

After a few rounds of cards and tearing through the chips and Cheetos in our cupboards, we knew we had to get a good, solid meal in us. 

Me: Hey, don’t we have coupons for Burger King?

B: Yeah!

We’re on the same wavelength like that.

We went to BK and got some whoppers. The whopper is the only thing worth a BK trip, in my opinion. Besides the Hershey sundae pie. Somehow I forgot to order a slice last night. Totally unacceptable. It was all I could think about while eating my whopper. We were back at the house and I couldn’t do anything to fix the situation. Except maybe run across the street to Rite Aid and stock up on Halloween candy. Genius, right?

The even better part? We had some Rite Aid reward dollars saved up, so our $6 candy haul ended up costing us...38 cents. Happy anniversary, indeed.

*Reading this post over, I realize it may not have painted us in the best light. I promise we're not as WT as this makes us sound. Or at least that's what I'll tell myself when we're celebrating our anniversary next week...on the beaches of Maui...sipping Miller Lites and eating whoppers


Yeewuz said…
Yeah, we're not WT but the people in front of us in line at both Burger King and Rite Aid are.
HAHA! This sounds like the best anniversary celebration ever.
And I'm sorry but .38 cents?! What?! That's reason for celebration any time.
Anonymous said…
The only way to make that Whooper perfect was to use the free coupons for Maverick station, the best BK in Boston.
Brigid said…
@Stephanie: I know, right? It was the perfect ending to our WT night.

@Anon: I think the BK we went to rivals Maverick in terms of disdain from Brent...aka he was pretty excited about it.