Back in the Running Saddle

This weekend I decided that enough was enough. I’m not going to be one of those people whose life is dictated by circumstance. I’m going to be one of those people who blazes their own trail. Lives in the moment. Sings in the rain. Says whats on her mind. Isn’t afraid to fail. And all those other cliches. Do I sound like one of those posters yet?

And...I forgot the real reason for this post. It wasn’t intended to inspire. But it’s cool if it did. Maybe I’ve got a career in motivational speech writing.

 Ralph always did know how to motivate folks

Oh, now I remember. I was saying how I’m not going to be a victim of circumstance.

I was laid-up with some gnarly back and neck pain back in July. It was a very humbling experience. As the most impatient person in the world, I’ve done my share of eye-rolling and throat clearing to people who like to take their time crossing the street or ascending a flight of stairs. Until I was one of those people. Not to say I still don’t get the urge to blow by these folks - but I’m working on it. It’s no fun being slow, so why make it harder by shooting dirty looks or mean comments?

The pain took the wind out of my sails for a few weeks. I was couch-ridden and immobile. Yeah, I went to work and still enjoyed a fun vacation with my sisters, but for an active gal like me, cutting out the gym and running was pretty much on par w/ immobility.

I’ve been easing back into things, giving my body the time it needs. I used to scoff at stretching, and now I spend at least 15 minutes cooling down. Sometimes I take out an ice pack just because. I’m cruising LivingSocial for the best massage deal (b/c I know the minute I buy it at some sassy salon all the way at the end of the green line, a deal will pop up for a place with great reviews in my own damn neighborhood; buyers remorse much?) that I need to just buy already.

I’ve been putting off running partially b/c I’m scared what it might do to my back, but mostly b/c I’m scared what it will do to my ego. I was in the best shape of my life after my half-marathon at the end of May. Now just three months later, I can’t remember the last time I ran. Waiting out this back pain, and all.

At least, that’s what I was telling myself. But the pain has been gone for a few weeks now – thank God! There’s no more excuses; it’s time to lace up or shut up. So on Saturday I dusted off my running sneakers. I had packed them for Syracuse b/c I was feeling good about getting my run back on my old turf. I woke up early Saturday morning (no one was more surprised about this than I was) and after a brief warm up walk, I was on my way.

My first run back was KILLER. In the good way. I couldn’t imagine ever opting for the snooze instead of getting up for a morning run, or why I would ever curse hills when they worked such wonders on my butt. I had a crazy grin on my face the entire time. My tired playlist that I’m constantly in need of updating was churning out hit after hit. Can’t nobody hold me down, oh no! I’ve got to keep on moving! (thanks, Puffy Diddy)

I checked my route last night to see how far I had gone. 2.5 miles. Nothing big or momentous by any means. But it might as well have been a marathon. I’m back, baby!


Yeewuz said…
Emerson didn't know not to end a sentence with a preposition?
Sarah said…
So glad it went well! It's hard on the ego, but ease into it so you can work back up to where you were (if you want to). If you rush into things and hurt yourself, that's worse.

I'm proud of you!!
Brigid said…
@Jen: Thanks! It felt so good to be back out there.

@Sarah: I will def be taking it slow. I'm excited to be excited about running agin = )

@Brent: ....
Michele said…
YAY!!!! The first run is always the hardest, but you got out there! Good for you!
Brigid said…
Thanks Michele!

I see your FB posts on wanting a running buddy for your 15+ mile runs and I'm like, damn, what I'd give to be out there for even part of that. I'm excited to build up again...and excited to hear how your marathon goes!