It's All Peace and Love at Fenway

Last night we headed to Fenway to watch the ever downward-spiralling Sox take on the Yanks. It’s late in the season, the Sox have zero chance of making the play-offs, and I’d rather sit in traffic on the Mass Pike than deal with the green line on game day. But this is the most epic rivalry in sports. No way was I missing a Red Sox/Yankee game.

If you’ve been around here for a bit, you know I’m from New York. Syracuse, to be exact. It’s upstate. Five hours from Manhattan. And approximately the same distance to Boston. So I didn’t feel like Benedict Arnold when I moved to Boston and started rooting for the hometown teams. Syracuse is more of a college-sports town, anyway. And maybe you’ve heard about the teams here. They’re pretty good, from what I hear.

Growing up, our dad didn’t really have a baseball team. He loves the sport, spends many a night at the Syracuse minor league games (Go Chiefs!), plans his vacations around major cities and their baseball stadiums, but doesn’t really have a team that’s his. What he does have, is a general disdain for the Yankees. So while I’m not a born and bred Red Sox fan, I can get in on the Yankee hating with the rest of this town.

Somehow, we ended up in a section w/ all the Yankee fans. I was hoping to see a brawl or two. At least a few pushes and shoves. I mean, this is the longest standing rivalry in sports history. Forget the Lakers and the Celtics. Step aside, UNC and Duke. We’re talking bitter hatred here.

Not even a shouting match was heard. Talk about lousy fans. B told me it was b/c the Sox don’t have a chance this year, so no one’s really invested. Humph. I had to amuse myself with a photo shoot or two. And then immediately check myself for a pulse b/c I kept seeing the chalk-white skin of a vampire. Sans the sparkle.

No, that's not a corpse. Just sickly ol' me. Tanorexic, I am not.

Somehow, the Sox pulled out a win. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. Hey, if we’re not going to the playoffs, the next best thing is keeping the Yankees out of ‘em. Am I right, or am I right?


Jen said…
Fun! I want to go to Fenway someday :)
Amy said…
I LOVE the Red Sox! I finally got to go to my first game of theirs at Fenway this past May! It was amazinggg (and they won too!). Then saw them here in Anaheim against the Angels, and the SUCKED. It was so sad, haha. But of course I still love them! Glad to hear they beat the Yanks!! :)
I have no room to talk on your pasty-ness but yes, girl you are vampire white! I like it.
Baseball in general bores me, but I'll hate on the Yankees with ya!
Brigid said…
@Jen: You should plan a trip. It's such a fun place!

@Amy: I'm not a hardcore Red Sox fan, but there's something magical about Fenway, no? Thanks for stopping by = )

@Stephanie: I wouldn't watch a baseball game on tv, but being there is different...the beer, the pretzels, the cracker jacks...I could live off ballpark food!