Calling Someone Fat Won't Make You Any Skinnier

Sometimes Mean Girls is just so spot on, ya know? 

It was like every other morning: I was getting ready for work, barging in and out of the bathroom to B’s chagrin, dancing around to the same old top 40 songs, when I heard it; the DJ’s on my radio show started talking about Mila Kunis. I stopped to listen b/c, obviously; it’s Mila Kunis. Then they started trashing her and some nonexistent recent weight gain. Oh no they didn’t! 

Mila is probably my favorite actress (we’re on a first name basis like that). She’s funny, smart and talented. What else? Girl is absolutely gorgeous. Like, make-me-want-to-kill-myself gorgeous. But I don’t want to kill myself. I just want to stare at her. Forgetting Sarah Marshall was on the other night and during all of her scenes I alternated between wanting to throw up my dinner or get up to raid the cupboards for some chocolate chips (in my defense, they were the good ones, not the semi-sweet crap).

So to hear her being trashed? On a mediocre radio show? I was not hearing. Literally not hearing it; I changed the station immediately. I’ve been needing to find a new morning radio station, so this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. The DJ’s I listen to aren’t funny; they’re just mean. One is old and curmudgeony; I get it, that’s his thing. But come on dude; you know who Demi Lovato is, you work in music. Don’t act like you’re above the industry.

The woman DJ on the show is just as bad. Her whole pigeon-hole is the “nice” one, but she comes off more boring than Kristen Stewart in any role she’s ever played. She was really going after Mila today and I was outraged; aren’t us gals supposed to stick together? Let’s be honest; you’re a DJ on a radio station b/c you’re not attractive (sorry, thems the rules). You need to check yourself before you come at one of the most beautiful woman in the world like that.

Of course I immediately Googled “Mila Kunis.” I didn’t add “fat” or “weight” to the query b/c I wanted to see if it was a big enough story that it would come up on its own. And of course it didn’t. All the links were about her and Ashton. Sure, there were some “unflattering” pictures of her out walking her dog. And by “unflattering” I mean she had a ponytail and sweatpants on and would still stop traffic.

I know that seeing pictures like this can make you do crazy things. 

It’s not normal. It’s not something you see every day. And it’s damn sure not fair. But looking for a reason to bring her down a notch? That’s downright ugly.


Stephanie said…
That's crazy talk, I highly doubt she gained anything to make it noticable! And who cares? When she starts to go the Kirstie Alley and J Simpson route, then I'll worry. Til then, I'm watching Ted on repeat.
Malory said…
Amen mama! How does it make them feel any better to put down celebrities? Or anyone? Sorry you feel so little about yourself that you need to bring someone else down. And I mean - I'm super petty jealous! Like, I'll go green with envy at Mila's bod/face/super cool voice. But us ladies need to be all "damn she's beautiful!" not hating. So sad.
Brigid said…
@Stephanie: Nothing noticeable at all. And let's be real, like Mila could ever be unattractive.

@Malory: haha, I'm w/ you on being jealous over petty BS. But I'm not actively looking for people to gain weight. Unless it's some betch from high school...
Malory said…
HAHAHA all bets are off for those ones!!