Nothing Wrong w/ Buying Some Motivation

I’ve really been slacking w/ my running lately. I usually get out twice a week, but it’s the same old same old. I haven’t done more than three miles in months weeks. I can’t even blame the cold. I’ve got a few pairs of tights, running gloves, some long sleeves and a snazzy running jacket. At least, I thought I did until I went to grab said jacket and it was nowhere to be found. I’m gonna go ahead and use that as the excuse for my zapped motivation. 

Seriously though, when your favorite running gear goes missing? It’s a four-alarm fire. I searched high and low for that jacket (l even got out the stepstool to search the highest closet shelves). It was from the Target athletic line, which isn’t Under Armour, but it’s nothing to sneeze at. The worst part is, I only got one season out of it, b/c I bought it last year when I was still super jazzed about running (hoping that feeling comes back any day now…) 

So I took at as a sign today when I received an email for 20% any full-priced item at City Sports. I had some insider reward dollars I needed to use, so I went after work to find some motivation. Or at least cheer myself up with some shopping. 

Instead of drooling over all the new stuff I wouldn’t be able to afford (hell no am I paying $85 for a long sleeved wicking shirt) I went to the basement, which sells all their outlet merch. I tried on a few things, but it was pretty much a disaster (and who thought a halter top designed for running was ever a good idea? I didn’t try it on, but there was a rack full of ‘em. Hence the super markdown). 

Back upstairs, I searched the normal clearance rack and found some cute stuff. 

Best time to stock up on cheap out-of-season stuff is, well, out of season. 

I can’t say no to cupcakes. Even if they’re polyester. 

I was really striking out when it came to replacing my old running jacket. Pretty much everything they had was the three quarter zip. Is that what the real runners wear? I guess it’s a little more streamlined, but it’s also a lot more of a pain in the ass to slip it off over your head when you’re mid-stride. My jacket zipped open easily and was perfect for immediately tying around my waist (me and the moms like to keep it fashionable out there). 

I tried one on b/c I wanted to see if I’d like it. And b/c my 20% off any full-price item coupon would expire soon. It was a match made in dimly lit fitting room heaven. 

It's a moisture wicking fabric, but soft and fleecy on the inside. It has thumb stirrups, which I’ve never been cool enough to pull off. Best of all it was only $45 after my coupon, which is a price I can justify for a real brand that I know I’ll get lots of mileage from. As long as it doesn’t go missing.


Yeewuz said…
Thumb stirrups are the shit!
Malory said…
The other day I went running on the treadmill for 12 minutes. And then I got bored and went home.

Ok so this was the opposite of motivational but I can totally relate!!
Stephanie said…
Pretty sure thumb stirrups are the sole criteria I look for in a workout jacket.
And by workout jacket, I mean shopping, grocery store, dog park jacket...
Brigid said…
@Malory: Running for 12 minutes on the treadmill is actually really impressive! I can't seem to manage it for more than short bursts. And then get bored and go eat a pizza.

@Stephanie: I'm pretty pumped about the stirrups! I'm also pretty pumped to wear it around Target and the supermarket so people think I just worked out, haha.