Hodge Podge

I’ve noticed it’s been a little text heavy over here lately; a bit too much babbling, I suppose. What better way to break up the monotony than a good ol’ fashioned photo dump. Lots of exciting stuff has been going on around these parts. And by “these parts” I mean England, where the Royals just announced Will and Kate are expecting. But I’ve been having loads of fun here across the pond. 

B and I went to a zoo when we were down near Philly visiting my sister for Thanksgiving. Not the Philadelphia Zoo. The lesser known, and much less animal inhabited, Elmwood Park Zoo. It’s the perfect size for parents with small children. As evidenced by the masses of mom jeans and mini vans we saw. But we did see some other interesting things. 

Like a glimpse into Pawnee! No sign of the Sweetums factory or Champion, the best dog in the world. 

Now there’s a fine looking rack

Good looking rack you got there

Would you look at the rack on that? 

And multiple other rack jokes we were subjected to while taking this picture. 
Insert yours here.

The sea otters are usually one of my faves. I have fond memories of going to the zoo w/ my parents and seeing the otters glide effortlessly through the water; they were a favorite of my dad’s, so we would take our time watching them frolic. 
Sadly, this guy was more interested in naptime than playtime. 

Back at home, I’ve been a bit of a gourmet in the kitchen. If gourmet means boiling water and crying into my onions. I made a pumpkin dip to bring to my sisters for Thanksgiving that called for half a tablespoon of cinnamon. So of course I go out and by the eight ounce bottle. Our French toast Saturday morning had more cinnamon than the entire Cinnabon franchise. 

And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper post w/out a reference to Taco Bell. Somehow B and I ended up eating Taco Bell twice in a 12 hour window this weekend (nothing new there). But only one of the stores had this white trash fancy tree. It definitely helped to make my taco experience merry and bright.