National Lager Day Regrets

I didn’t have work today. I mean, it’s National Lager Day. You don’t work on National Lager Day. You know what you do on National Lager Day? You down overpriced local brews and use it as an excuse to order the nachos grande and the nachos supreme.  

At least, that’s what I would have done, had I known it was National Lager Day. I didn’t realize until about a half an hour ago, and by then it was too late to really celebrate. Seeing as how I’m back to work tomorrow and raging on Monday nights doesn’t make for a productive work week. And the fact that I’m in my pajamas and too lazy to walk to the fridge to grab a beer, let alone go out for one. 

I had today off b/c I needed to use my remaining vacation days before the end of the year. I also took next Monday off. Three day weekends are the shit. I’m a big advocate of the 4-day work week. Frankly, I’m a big advocate for anything that shortens the work week. One day, if I’m lucky, I’m hoping to see a 7-day weekend. 

With some time to myself, I was finally able to get the rest of B’s gift today. 

My mom bought this tree for me and my roommate our sophomore year of college. That’s quality craftsmanship right there. 

B and I like to exchange gifts early. Mainly b/c I’m terrible at waiting and B gets sick of me badgering him. He bought me a bunch of shiny new kitchen ware that I broke into last weekend. I got him a guitar stand that he assembled immediately which is now sitting (standing?) in our living room. 

I had a few more things to buy him, so I used my day off wisely and went to Target. It was the quietest, most enjoyable Target experience I’ve ever had. I wandered through the store w/ my cart, not keeping to the right side of the aisle, just because I could. I was able to find an employee and ask them my question w/out having to beat off 5 other customers. If I wanted to give the Target Pizza Hut another chance, today would have been the day. But I decided to let the teenage employees text in peace. It was pretty fabulous. 

You know what else was fabulous? The soup I made for dinner. Kale and sweet potato. I'm not even being sarcastic here; it was quite tasty. Dr. Oz would have been so proud of me. 

Another great thing about 3-day weekends is that they give you an extra shot at redeeming yourself. So you drank all day Saturday and watched TV all day Sunday; Monday’s your chance at being a productive American. And what’s more American than a trip to Target and Santa gift wrap?


Stephanie said…
Mmm nachos... would have been the best way to celebrate, but alas, I didn't either. Darn Tuesdays sneaking up like that with their "work."
I want my christmas present but boyfriend keeps saying no. Tell me about this pestering, I'm clearly doing it wrong.
Week day, day time Target is my favorite place ever.
Michele said…
When are you coming to make kale and sweet potato soup for me?!?!?! I love it!!!
Brigid said…
@Stephanie: Your pestering isn't working b/c clearly you're not as annoying as I am. That's a good thing, though ; )

@Michele: It was fantastic. I'll make it the next time I visit!