Happy Festivus

Every blog I stumble on to these days is decked out to the nines, proudly displaying how their blogger knows how to decorate a house for Christmas. This blogger does not. It’s not that I don’t like decorating. If I had a bottomless wallet and unlimited space, I would have a little more holiday cheer on display (although if I had a bottomless wallet and bigger condo, I wouldn't be sitting here wearing two sweatshirts and a blanket b/c I'd have a proper heating unit). 

But I think we’ve done pretty well for ourselves. I’m a pro at working it w/in my means.

Good God, that is a pathetic display. Maybe that’s why we didn’t put anything out until yesterday. We said we forgot about it, but I think we were just both repressing the fact that we don’t have adequate viewing space for our decorations, so why bother? (“Why bother?” is  pretty much our life motto. Don't worry, not in a depressing way. It's more helpful than you'd think. Like if I'm like, "babe, should I make tacos for dinner," he's all "why bother" and I'm like, "yeah, let's just go to Taco Bell!" and then we're both happy) 

You’ll notice the only ornament on our tree is the one we bought in Maui this year. 

You might also notice that this ornament is not on the tree in the above picture. I didn't notice it wasn't out until I was looking disdainfully at our tree, thinking there was no way I could blog about it. Thankfully, I remembered this little gem. 

B has a bunch of ornaments his mom gave him from his childhood, but I guess he thinks our tree isn’t good enough or something (yes, that’s exactly what he thinks). I put my foot down and told him we had to put out the Maui ornament b/c it said 2012 on it, so this is the ornament’s Golden Birthday/Christmas, and we couldn’t deny it that pleasure, and what are you, a Grinch or something, trying to make my Charlie Brown tree the Charlie Browniest?

Now that Christmas has made it’s way to our household, we’ll have to leave these decorations up well through January. There’s something magical about getting out your Christmas decorations, opening up the boxes and dusting off your old pals. Where’s that magic January 2nd, when the parties are over and the only thing standing between you and your seasonal depression is a box of Russell Stover’s?


Sarah said…
I have a string of lights up but my artificial tree remains in the basement storage unit. At this point, why bother? :) Plus, I tend to leave Christmas decorations up until my birthday in February, and I not sure how B would feel about that.
Brigid said…
I didn't even know you had an artificial tree.

If I strung up lights, they would probably be up year round. Unless they weren't twinkling, like Clark Griswold's.