Twelve Cubed

*Disclaimer: So I know that twelve cubed is 1728 (I know that b/c I Googled it), but that's not the title I was going for. I like to think of 12 with the little three hanging to the right of it, and since it kept showing up as 123, I had to spell it out for you. In this instance, it means 12 three times; not the actual number you get when 12 is cubed.

What a morning so far. I heard Blind Melons’ “No Rain” on the radio, which always puts me in a good mood (more importantly, I DIDN’T hear that stupid Philip Phillips song for the billionth time, which also did wonders for my mood). The train came right away, and I even managed to get a seat. Then I got to work and saw that we had a new shipment of the chai tea I like (I don’t know what chai is, but it makes my whole desk smell like gingerbread). This is more than normal Wednesday luck. This is....(wait for it) luckiest day in the world!

There might be something to this whole “power of positive thinking” thing. I’m not Suzie Sunshine or anything, but I figure if negative thinking can produce such negative results (I know this firsthand b/c I’m usually thinking realistically negatively), let’s see what the opposite can do. I went to bed last night radiating positive thoughts. I knew today was going to mean big things for me. My luckiest day in the world, and all.

12 is my favorite number. It was on the back of my jersey for every sport I played. Looking at the history of those teams, you might not assume it brought me any luck. But it wasn’t 12’s fault that our gym got flooded my freshman year and we had to practice at the nearby unfit middle school gym, competing for space w/ their after-school program, which unintentionally set the low standards of the team for the next four years. 

12.12.12. I’m actually a little nervous to check Facebook today. 10.10.10 was by far one of the most annoying days for my news feed history. How many weddings will I see today? How many bad jokes, or fun facts, or (undocumented) scientific proofs will I be subject to? I don’t want to see my favorite number trivialized like that. 

And how many people will confuse today for 12.21.12 and make some stupid proclamation about how fleeting life is? At least we only have to deal w/ that for another nine days. Until the next guy comes along spouting his prediction for the end of the world.


Yeewuz said…
You should have just asked me about the title: 12(sup)3(/sup)

*Just make the () into <>
Stephanie said…
I like that you googled 12 cubed.
I'm hoping that since it's a Wednesday it will be much less obnoxious with the wedding silliness. I haven't seen anything yet.
And No Rain is one of the best songs ever.
Brigid said…
@B: thanks, BB! but it still didn't look right to me...

@Stephanie: Good call on fewer obnoxious-ness w/ it being a Wednesday. Go figure, I just saw the cover of the NY Times and it showed a bride and groom on a subway car in New York, smooching after their 12.12.12 nuptials. barf.