Too Much Cheese?

I guess you could say I'm pretty new to this whole cooking thing. Making food instead of ordering it? Going to the supermarket for groceries instead of just alcohol? Huh. 

I’m still working out all the kinks, which means that I’m still throwing away half of what I make. Actually, I’m forcing it down b/c I hate wasting food and money. B’s been making a dent in our hot pocket collection while I’m learning the hard way that melting hot chocolate w/out a double boiler is no picnic (and the microwave just turns it into a burned mess). 

What I’m really struggling w/ is making recipes B wants to eat. He’s not a picky eater; at least, I never thought he was. But after eating vats of soup and casseroles of lasagna by myself, I was doubtful. I grew even more suspicious when he didn’t want to try any of my mac n’cheese, saying he was never a big fan. Um, what?! Everyone is a big fan of mac n’cheese. 

I made an effort to mark down some recipes he’d enjoy, so this weekend I made baked ziti. The recipe I found was supposed to be pretty healthy (as healthy as a meal based entirely on carbohydrates and cheese can be), which I loved. There was just one problem: it didn’t seem cheesy enough. When I think of baked ziti, I think of cheese oozing out of every forkful. I didn’t think this recipe would deliver (that's what I get for trying to be healthy), so I added in some extra cheese. 

I was so happy when B wolfed it down, even reaching for seconds. I asked him if he liked it. He nodded and said, “My only complaint would be that it’s a little too cheesy.” 

Silly boy. Nothing can ever be too cheesy.


Stephanie said…
I'm concerned that he might be an alien. Or some sort of pod person. Everyone likes mac and cheese. Every single food in this world can be covered with either chocolate or cheese. And they should be.
Brigid said…
@Stephanie: Tell me about it. I was more than a little concerned...until he told me he liked his mom's recipe. Surprise, surprise, I can't deliver AGAIN.

Cheese and chocolate on everything, please and thank you.