Going, Going...Gone Girl

I know, I know, you’ve probably read this already. It was THE hot book of the summer and now it’s old news. That’s what happens when you refuse to buy books and rely on Boston public libraries. I’m actually surprised I got to read it this year, seeing as the hold queue is still like, 97 patrons deep.

If you haven’t read the book yet, it comes highly recommended. Best-selling author, oozing w/ crime, lust, suspense; the whole shebang. And it’s not exactly old news. I heard they’re making it into a movie. I’ve been casting it in my head since page one. I think Jensen Ackles would make a great Nick.

He needs something to put him back on the map after the box office flop smashingly successful My Bloody Valentine. Oh, you didnt’ see it? It’s probably on SyFy sometime this week if you’re interested. Just make sure to wear your 3D glasses; it really isn’t fair to judge w/out.

Anywho, back to the book.

Seriously disturbing read. The antagonist (protagonist?) was certifiably brilliant. And insane. I was utterly anxious and completely impressed with the thoroughness of it all. Bravo/a (no spoilers here)!

The first few chapters drew me in, piqued my curiosity, held my interest. But then it went from “interesting read” to “holy shit!” in the matter of a few pages.

I usually read my books while waiting for the bus/train, and riding the bus/train. It’s a good commute, so I get in some solid reading time. I started Gone Girl last Thursday and was reading it through the weekend. I hate the tired old cliche “I couldn’t put it down” but...I couldn’t put it down. Cliches are there for a reason, right?

It’s lengthy, but it’s worth it. Everything is dissected and explained. No stone is left unturned. My only beef w/ this book would be the ending. A little anticlimactic. A little too vague. And not in the “keeping it open for interpretation to the reader” way, but more in the “really? You give me 400+ pages of awesomeness and want to end on that?” But that’s just my humble opinion.

In the words of LeVar Burton: “Don’t take my word for it!"


Anonymous said…
Maybe if he turns the lights off, no one will notice him. You didn't through that one in there?
Brigid said…
hahaha, don't forget his old GF: Boobs "if I wear a black bra under my white shirt, I'll be sure to outsmart the killer" McGee
Anonymous said…
I thought I was the only person who thought JA would be PERFECT in this role. I'd rather see him that a bigger name movie star. He'd be great in this. How do we campaign for it?
Brigid said…
I think he could definitely do Nick justice. And he's probably available; that CW show can't still be on, can it?