Apple Throws Me for a Loop

“Mountain Lion” was trending in Twitter this morning. Hoping it was a story on some amazing animal rescue (and eager to see some adorable pics), I clicked to see what the hype was about…and was instantly disappointed. I didn’t even understand some of the tweets, but by scanning the rest I figured out that "Mountain Lion" was the new operating system Apple released today.

I’m not a techie. I don’t own a Mac, nor can I even begin to understand their operating systems. I just think it’s really cute that they're all named after big cats. Scanning the “mountain lion” tweets jogged my memory of a conversation I had w/ B a while back.

Me: What’s the Apple Lion?

B (confused): I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Me (thinking that I know more than him about Apple for once): Never mind, just thought you would know about their new gimmick.

B (realizes what is going on and tries to break it to me gently): Brig, the lion isn’t their marketing campaign, it’s Apple’s new operating system.

Me: (staring blankly)

B: You've heard of snow leopard, right? The current system?

Me: I thought it was a firefox.

B: No, that’s their browser. The browser and the operating system are different.

Me: (back to playing Angry Birds)

Okay, there might be some slight variations here from the actual conversation. But I remember thinking how cool Apple was when B told me that all their OS (operating systems; look at me, practically a techie!) were named after big cats; it really doesn’t take much to impress me.

If you’re also easily amused, or happen to like big cats, check out their Wiki . Looks like they’ve really exhausted most of their options; I mean, they’re already repeating. Leopard AND snow leopard? Lion AND mountain lion? But I don’t think they’re too worried about it. They invented the fucking iPhone. They can probably figure something out.


Yeewuz said…
You're too cute.