Like I Need Something Else to Worry About While Training

I need to start training for Broad Street. Those 10 miles aren’t going to run themselves. I just bought some spiffy new running sneaks, and the weather couldn’t be more cooperative, so there’s really no excuse.

I’m still in the lazy early research stage: reading everything I can about training plans and preparation. You wouldn’t believe how many sites and blogs that are out there for running; training tips and motivation, success stories and failures, the best gear for long runs - literally everything you need to know. And knowledge is power, right? (at least that’s what I tell myself when I read a few articles instead of go for an actual run)

I’ve run a few road races but Broad Street will be the biggest run I train for, in terms of distance and popularity (last year it filled up in three days; this year over 30,000 runners signed up in less than 5 hours to close out the registration). 10 miles may not be much compared to marathon runners, but training won’t be a cake walk – why do you think I’m putting it off?

I’ve read loads of interesting and inspiring articles. Unfortunately, I just read this one, which is the total opposite of encouragement. Several half-marathon runners were tricked by some scoundrel who moved their race signage.

“Up to 40 of the almost 500 runners in the Village Bakery Wrexham Half Marathon only ran 11.3 miles of the 13.1-mile course.”

Who does that? I'm outraged on behalf of these runners. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I run a few measly miles; I can’t even imagine the emotions that are going through you when you run 13.1 miles. And to be tricked out of that? After months of training and sacrifice to cross that finish line, you find out that you didn’t actually run a legit half-marathon? Wow. That asshole prankster better stay mum. If I was cheated in that race, I would put a hit out on him/her. Cash money to anyone who can find the loser and make them run 13.1 miles.


Michele said…
That is AWFUL!!!! What a jerk!