Tucker Max Gets Even Cooler

Impossible, right? If you’re a fan of this guy, you probably think it’s pretty hard for him to get even more awesome (if not, you’re probably disgusted by the title of this post). He’s a guy who provokes two reactions: intense adoration or extreme hatred. There’s really not a middle ground with him. Visit his website and you’ll see what I mean.

I heard about him in college, and started reading the stories on his website. If you haven’t seen it, you need to go, like, now. But not if you’re at work, because you’ll be laughing too hard and your coworkers will be like, “What the hell, Sue, can’t I watch last night’s Modern Family in peace?” After I moved to Boston, I saw someone reading his book on the train. I was totally that creep trying to read over the shoulder before they realized what I was doing and moved to a different car. I went to the library and put the book on hold (hey, I’m poor. And I move too much to have a massive book collection). From the first story in I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell, I was hooked. It’s one of those books where you’re laughing out loud. I would be reading it on the train and trying to control my laughter, which is completely obvious, b/c your shoulders are shaking, you’ve got your hand over your mouth, and the guy sitting next to you is pissed that he had to sit next to the convulsing chick.

The book was made into a movie a few years ago, and I was disappointed with how little play it got. It wasn’t as good as the book (obv), but it was entertaining. Actually, what the hell do I know about the movie industry; maybe it was a huge commercial success. I just remember being really excited for it, and then not hearing much about it.

Max appears to have no shortage of hilarious stories; IHTSBIH had a follow-up book, and he just released two more. I follow him on Twitter and saw a promotion regarding the two newest ones, so I checked it out. And realized that he’s even cooler than I thought; he’s giving away one of the books for free! On his website, he explains why:

“I’ve sold millions of books because of the support of my fans, so I felt like I should give something back to them. What could they possibly want more than a free book of stories? So that’s my gift to you, as a thank you for supporting me and buying my other three books.”

Yeah, it’s the ebook, not the physical book. But for someone who doesn’t like amassing heavy, space-consuming texts, it’s ideal. And there’s no time limit; it’s not like you have to download it in the first two weeks, or you lose out. According to his site, the promo is forever

I don’t have a kindle. Or a tablet. I don’t even know if I will download the book. I just think that’s a kick-ass thing to do for your fans. But I do have Hilarity Ensues on hold at the library. So you can bet that I’ll be annoying some more train riders in the upcoming weeks.


Yeewuz said…
My freshman year of college I started reading Tucker Max. I became such a big fan that I started a Facebook group. Hilarity ensued.