Fresh New Frames

Way back in June I was due for an eye exam. A few days ago, I'm cleaning my room, going through old mailings and papers, and I find the prescription. From nearly 8 months ago (I knew there was something I was forgetting...) As I find yet ANOTHER Bed, Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon (are they not allowed to sell things full price in that store?), I hear a commercial on the radio about a local eyeglasses chain doing some annual winter promo. A cosmic sign? Probably not. But a small coincidence? I'll take it!

I go to my local shop the next day after work and try some rocking new frames. I've had mine for 2+ years, and they've served me well. The unusual (purple) color and large shape has gotten plenty of compliments. Hoping I can find a pair I like even more.

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note the sad expression, yearning for a change...

I pick up my new frames tonight, and I'm nervous that they won't be what I remember. You know how it is; like when you built up your mom's meatloaf recipe in your mind, and tell your friend it's the best meatloaf she'll ever try, and then you make it and it tastes like ass (and your friend never trusts you again). Not the case tonight. I see my frames, and I like them even more than I thought. Score!  

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kindly ignore the scrub and focus on the new specs!

Nothing too crazy; although I did try on some bottle-cap frames from my middle school days and try to convince my boyfriend I'm going for a retro look. What a fun-filled Wednesday night; don't you just love being a grown-up? 


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