In Case You Wanted My Take on Megan (Not So) Fox(y)

I’m just gonna come out and say it: I don’t think Megan Fox is all that pretty. Before you assume that I’m just some hater, let me say that I’m not (great defense, right?).
I was never a mean girl. Don’t get me wrong; I judge others, and enjoy nothing more than a laugh at the expense of the guy who’s pulling on the door when the “Push” sign is visible (there’s so many dumb people in this world, that I have to laugh at it, or it would make me seriously anxious about the future of humanity - and I am the first one to laugh at myself when I’m pulling the door that clearly pushes open). But I’m not down with how women simply hate on other women superficially. I give credit where credit is due; I think Kim Kardashian is flawless, with or without make-up. Same goes for Miranda Kerr. I just don’t think Megan Fox deserves the hype she gets (and I'm partial to brunettes!)
Right around the time the first Transformers movie was blowing up, I asked a guy friend if he honestly thought Megan Fox was all that, or if it was just her bod (because no doubt about that, her body is worth the hype). He was like, “no way, she’s smokin’ hot"  and I was like, “ugh, boys."
So when US Weekly ran an article about an upcoming magazine interview where Fox admitted “I was never the pretty girl,” I thought, it’s about damn time. She was never the pretty girl b/c she’s not that pretty. Probably wouldn't turn a head in most cities; I see prettier girls on the train every day.
It’s called make-up artists and hairstylists (and Photoshop, but again, I admit her body is on point). She’s all right normally, but with the best stylists in Hollywood dolling her up, she becomes a stunner. I bet I’d look pretty damn hot if you got those people to spend hours on me before I went to work.
I guess the real impressive thing about Megan Fox is that she’s managed to stay relevant. The Transformers movies were huge hits, but she was lackluster; homegirl got replaced in the third installment. Her acting chops aren’t up to par and it’s Hollywood, where beautiful women are a dime a dozen. So kudos on still being a talking point, I guess.
In the interview, she mentions her fascination with ancient civilizations and how she’d love to go on an archeological dig. What do I have to say about that (besides the obvious remark about how the closest she’ll get to rocks is being compared to having the same IQ as one): go for it! I bet Michael Bay will even throw you a goodbye party.


JackieW said…
I'm so glad you wrote this! I never understood all the hype around Megan Fox. Not only is she NOT terribly pretty, she doesn't seem to have a nice personality. On the red carpet and in some interviews, she comes off as arrogant and condescending. No idea why that's such a turn-on for so many people.
brigidmc12 said…
I'm glad you agree...I think she comes off as rude and arrogant, too; not pretty on the inside or outside!