Finding it Hard to be Gleeful

When I heard about Glee’s upcoming hiatus, I was pretty stoked. Here’s my chance to catch up on all the McKinley High drama. I was a big fan of the show in its first season. I made sure I was home every Tuesday night (I was living at home at the time, and DVR is totally foreign to my parents), and if I wasn’t home, I begged a friend to DVR it for me.

Somehow I fell off the wagon for the second season. I was working two jobs, so Tuesday night shifts interfered. More importantly, I had just stared seeing this guy and I was way more into him than seeing some 20-somthing-year-olds prance around pretending to be in high school (you're not fooling anyone Fin).

I lied to myself and others, saying it was my choice not to watch, that the second season looked lame. It was a gimmick-y show, and the gimmick was played out. But I knew the truth: I missed seeing the bumbling love life of Mr. Shoe. And the bitchy antics of the Cheerios (but not the awkward dancing from Fin, nope, didn’t miss that. For irrational reasons, I just don’t like the man kid).

After all this denial, I broke down and rented the second season from the library. Whoa! It was waaaay better than I remembered. I never cared one way or another about Gwyneth Paltrow, but Holly Holiday was like, the best guest spot, ever. And who can forget John Stamos? (but let’s keep it real; a guy like that isn’t going for plain-jane Ms. Pillsbury).

After getting caught up with season two, season three was in full swing, and I was pissed that I had let it get so far ahead of me (what the hell am I even doing on Tuesday nights?) So this mid-season break is just what I need. Except I can’t find the already-aired season three episodes anywhere. What’s up w/ that? My friend told me it was some backlash w/ the whole SOPA debacle. I’m not trying to pirate anything…I’m just trying to watch shows that have already been televised. But Hulu doesn’t have them. Fox’s website only has the most recent ones. Even Fox On-Demand won’t help me.

According to Perez (and I think it's safe to say he’s a pretty big fan), new episodes will air mid-April. So if I can just find season three (so far), then I can watch all the episodes after that through to the season finale with the rest of the world! One episode a week, dying to know what happens next, impatiently waiting for a preview, a clip, anything, to get me through until the next week.…on second thought, maybe I’ll just wait for season three to be out on DVD.


JackieW said…
I love Glee! I've fallen very far behind, for more or less the same reasons you did. Based on my friends' Facebook comments on it, I gather I've missed a lot. I'm going to have to wait for a marathon or buy the last two seasons on DVD.