Less Than Thrilled About Leap Year

Who gives a shit about Leap Year? Maybe if you were born on February 29th and are actually having a real birthday, you might care. But that’s like, a seriously slim percentage of people. So why all the hype? If I see one more lame story about the history of Leap Year and all the stupid fun traditions surrounding it, I’m going to have a breakdown (b/c if these are the type of stories that get printed, I must have been some kind of failure to not make it in journalism).

February is one of the worst months; I might even say the worst month. “What about Valentine’s Day?” you ask. “Doesn’t that make up for the other 27 miserable days?” Nope. Valentine’s Day is great, but unnecessary; I love my boo year round! It’s nice to have a reason to spend some extra cash and treat yourself to a nice night out, but the incessant Hallmark and jewelry adds pretty much negate all the sweet things associated with it.

The only thing February has going for it is that it’s short. Only 28 days; I guess I can handle that. Except that every four years, it gets an extra day. What’s that about? And why can’t that extra day be in August or September, when it could be put to good use (instead of spent curled up on your couch, like every other day in February when it’s too damn cold to do anything)?

Since this winter has been so mild, I don’t have the usual aversion I have to Leap Day. And to put another positive spin on it, it extends the FebruAny promotion at Subway (b/c you can be damn sure I’m not paying more than $5 for one of those mediocre subs - except the buffalo chicken; that shit is banging). But if I get home and Leap Year is on TV, I might have that breakdown after all. Why, Adam Scott? Why? Please don’t tell me you left Party Down to pursue projects like that.


Sarah said…
ummm, there are a few good things about February... Your favorite oldest sister was born that month, some 39+ years ago (or so it would seem) with a newspaper in her hand. And if you live in Syracuse, Winterfest is going on, and most importantly, buy one get one at Heids.
brigidmc12 said…
oh man, totally forgout about Heid's...I guess Februray does have something going for it (besides your birthday, of course!)
Anonymous said…
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