Food for Thought

I was at Stop n’ Shop the other day and saw avocados selling for $1 each. What a steal! (honestly, I don’t know if this is a good price or not b/c I don’t regularly buy avocados, but it's only $1, why the hell not? this is generally why I spend waaay too much money at the dollar store).

I asked the employee stocking produce how one should go about picking out an avocado. He told me it should be firm, unless I was eating it today, b/c then I'd want it to be softer. Gee, thanks for the brand new information on how to pick out produce. I felt up about five avocados, threw two in my cart, and was on my way.

My lunch at the office is a big salad w/ spinach, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms and a hard-boiled egg. I was psyched to throw avocados in the mix. I call it a salad, but I’m kinda weird particular about how I eat it; when I prepare it the night before, all the veggies get their own section of the container, and when I’m eating, I eat all the items separately. Sherri, the FedEx woman who makes her deliveries when I’m eating lunch, always applauds me for eating healthy, and I’m momentarily 7-years-old again, praised for finishing my vegetables.

Yesterday Sherri commented that most people try to eat healthy for a week or so, then it’s back to the greasy take-out every day. This made me feel good for a minute, until I remembered that the reason I eat so healthy during the day is because my after work eating habits are out of control. Her remark was harmless, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Maybe it will give me some motivation to eat cleaner past 5 o’clock. What if I’m grubbing on a bacon burger after work and Sherri sees me; it would ruin any cred I have with her. And I would probably get an earful the next day at lunch.

When I was cutting up the avocados, I could see why they were only $1. They were mush, practically ready-to-eat guacamole. I’m eating them over the next few days, so no biggie. But they probably won’t make it into my weekly grocery trip. B reminded me that the burrito place near us charges an extra $1.50 for adding guac to your burrito, and there’s no way that little dollop uses an entire avocado; that's one pricey vegetable fruit. But it’s entirely possible all the money I’ll save from cutting out sweets will be enough to score some avocado for the week….so maybe this Lent won’t be so bad after all.


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