Sure, I’ll Defend Gisele

When I heard about the “rant” Gisele had after Sunday’s game, I knew it was going to be big news. Huge. Discussed and dissected all week. Because that’s what the entertainment industry does. It takes an event, or a sighting, or a comment, and blows it totally out of proportion (like there’s not enough real news to be covered). Not that I’m complaining; nothing interests me more than the latest celebrity scandal, and thinking I’m in-the-know with the beautiful people of Hollywood (I actually said something along the lines of “I knew bangs would look fab on Kelly Clarkson! It’s about time she listened,” while watching her dazzling performance of the National Anthem).

But this outburst is hardly newsworthy. I mean, it’s interesting, I guess. But I don’t see the big deal. Gisele was minding her own business when she was heckled by obnoxious drunks, who had nothing to do with the game. They didn’t make the Patriots lose. And they certainly didn’t help the Giants bring home the win. So who are they to jeer at someone? And not even one of the players, but one of players’ wives? That’s classy. Who wouldn’t defend their other half when some rude drunk is running their mouth? It’s called loyalty.

Okay, so she shouldn’t have thrown Welker under the bus. Football is a team sport, and no one player can blow the game or secure the win on his/her own. But annoying bystanders were calling her out, so it’s understandable that she didn’t remember the old “there’s no I in team.” It’s not like she called a press conference. In the heat of the moment, you’re not mulling over your words and choosing the most diplomatic response; you say the first thing that comes to mind.

Really, who can blame her? If anything, this little tirade made me like the supermodel a little more. She’s got a potty mouth. She holds her own against bullies. And she stands by her man. God, we’re like the same person.


Yeewuz said…
I don't get why everyone is blaming Welker. Branch and Hernandez missed catches on the final drive too. No one scapegoat... we lost as a team.