Ratty Gym Clothes and Roll-ups

I really look forward to my Friday pilates class. You know how sometimes you’re excited to go to the gym, and other times you’re grabbing at straws to find an excuse not to go (well, I ate too much at lunch and my stomach is still digesting, so I probably won’t get a good work-out anyway…I have some sick rationale, don’t I?). After a long week of work and working out, pilates is the best part of my Friday (besides the fact that they have bagels for us at work. And I can wear jeans. Oh, and it being the start of the weekend and all. After that, pilates is DEFINITELY the best part of my Friday).

I never saw myself as the quintessential pilates gal. Still don’t. I’m not long and lean. I don’t like loud breathing. And I would never drop $98 on a pair of yoga pants. I was skeptical that  I wouldn't get a good workout; what exactly does sitting around on a mat do for my ass? But after Jennifer Aniston hyped it up, I knew it must be good. Her body is banging. So yes, I will take fitness advice from Rachel Green.

get it, girl!

Another reason I was reluctant to hop on the pilates bandwagon was because of my gym attire. I’m much more at home in an old college t-shirt and some mesh shorts. This isn’t exactly the preferred look for the women at my gym (I can’t imagine why). Fitted tank tops over trendy sports bras (in color coordinated shades, of course) and black spandex are the unofficial uniform for most of them. I was worried I’d be seen as a poser, in my baggy shirts and colorful shorts, and chased out of the class (clearly I have some issues).

It’s a good thing I don’t listen to my irrational fears sometimes. “Pilates Fridays” are the perfect way to wind down from a hectic week (and they do wonders for my logic at happy hour: “I did the advanced corkscrew today, order me another shot!”) No one cares what you’re wearing; they’re too busy trying not to round their shoulders on the roll-ups. I’m even buying into the breathing techniques. But I won’t be taking off my sneakers anytime soon; all those bare feet in the studio still gross me out.


JackieW said…
I completely relate to your problems with "gym attire," lol. Part of the reason I haven't joined a large commercial gym is because I don't feel like having to worry about looking cute in my workout clothes, especially when I'm going to be around strangers anyway.

I've never tried pilates, but this post made me seriously consider giving it a shot. I love yoga, and it was the first thing I tried in my efforts to lose weight. If I like that, pilates should be fun, too! :) Maybe I'll check out some beginner DVDs on Amazon.
brigidmc12 said…
Go for it! I was definitely nervous, but it really makes me feel more well-rounded in the fitness department.
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Jade Graham said…
So last year while staying at a hotel, my stepdaughter had to remind me to change clothes before we headed to the gym to walk on the treadmill. Danie