Why Ya Gotta Do Me Like That, Monday?

Mondays are hard. They catch a bad rep as the end of the weekend and start of another work week, but hey, some day has to take the fall. Mondays just happen to be it (Personally, I think Tuesday is the worst day of the week. No one likes Mondays, so it’s kind of a free pass to be miserable and unproductive. And they’re never as bad as you think. But Tuesday? People expect you to get shit done, and you’re hardly any closer to the weekend).

I dislike Monday for another reason. I try to be good with my eating and gym routine during the work week. My breakfast and lunch regimen is set in stone at the office, and I’m great with sticking to my healthy fare (plenty of fruit and veggies, staying hydrated, etc). Dinners during the week aren’t ideal (this will give you an idea), but they’re not normally too bad.

Friday at 5pm, all hell breaks loose. I throw my (semi) healthy eating to the wind and am ready for fatty foods, humungous portions, and plenty of drinks (I mean, is there really any other way to do the weekend?) Mondays are a double-edged sword because I’m glad to get back on track, but I weigh myself at the gym Monday through Friday, and there’s no sugar-coating Monday’s number. I always feel guilty about the entire slice of pizza for dinner on Friday, the beer and nachos I scarf down Saturday, and the enormous brunch from Sunday (which is probably more calories than my breakfast for the entire work week).

I LOVE food, and being social with family and friends, and I work hard during the week; the weekends are about indulging a little, am I right? The problem with this mentality is that the weekend wipes out my entire weeks’ worth of hard work. I’m not trying to shed major pounds, but I can’t even maintain my weight if I rack up thousands of calories during the weekend and tell myself that my leisurely Saturday run around the neighborhood is basically the same as my Tuesday spin class (as if).

Monday calls me out for having been an insatiable slacker all weekend (hmm, I like that. I meant it as constantly stuffing my face AND slacking off with my workouts, but it sounds like I just couldn’t get my fill of slacking. And really, who can on the weekends?) The number on the scale is a reminder of yet another balancing act I’m failing at.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I need to modify my weekend mindset. I’m not trying to make drastic life changes. I’ll always love eating and drinking and lounging around on the weekends. But a few small alterations could have a big impact on Monday’s weigh-in. So here we go. Another week, another chance (that’s another reason I don’t mind Mondays; you’re always so hopeful. Full of resolve. Come Tuesday, it’s already crushed. Effin’ Tuesdays).


Michele said…
I love food too and, I guess because I'm old- I mean a mom who has to feed her kids better than average and therefore must eat better than average too- I still dread Mondays! Even though my diet doesnt vary nearly as much as it used to when I had the work week vs weekend (because now every day is a work day!), I still find that Monday is the refocus, recenter, do-better-than-yesterday day.

Keep it up, sister! You're doing great!