Does This Look Right? My First "It's Ok" Thursday

Since I’ve been all fancy-pants with my blog lately (and by fancy-pants I mean learning what a “tag” is and adding a new widget) I decided to keep the momentum going and do my first link-up. “What next?” you're probably wondering. “Is she going to start writing poignant, insightful blog posts, too?” Don’t hold your breath on that one.

I’ve never done a link-up, so please humor me. Unless I get this shit all wrong. Then please help a girl out.

It’s Okay...

...that I was picking at my nail polish all morning so three of my nails are completely bare and the rest look like a half-assed mani

...that B and I made plans to go to Taco Bell for dinner...last night while we were watching TV after a TB commercial came on...and that it’s the only thing that's getting me through the day #fatty

...that I skipped the shampoo this morning. That’s what hairspray and ponytails are for, right?

...that I’ve never done a link-up before and am nervous this will somehow be “wrong”

...that I have a dentist appointment Saturday and have been binging on starburst all week. It’s not like they get caught in my teeth or anything. Oh wait...

...that I have Fifty Shades Freed out of the lib even though I skipped Fifty Shades Darker. And promised myself that I wouldn’t read the trilogy after hating the first one #peerpressure

...that my credit card bill is HUMONGOUS this month b/c my car needed some work

...that I rationalized getting an iPhone b/c I knew said bill would be so big, what’s another few hundred on top of that #pretendballer

...that I haven’t received ANY MAIL since moving, besides the change of address confirmation. What the french, toast?


Paige said…
Your post looks good to me! You didn't miss anything by skipping Fifty Shades Darker, I promise. Dude, our cell phone bill is as much as it would cost to least a new car. Crazy much?

Anyway, you have a cute blog! Nice to meet you :)
Alyssa said…
Great job on your first linkup! There is nothing wrong! :)
Abby said…
The link up looks great and now I want Taco Bell! Thanks a lot! ;-)
brigidmc12 said…
thanks, ladies = )