PigPen-ing It Up

I should be cleaning my desk right now. I don’t know the last time I took a sanitizing spray to it. Oh right - that’s because I never have. So instead I’m doing what every other normal person does when they come across an unpleasant chore: procrastinate blog about it.

I’m not usually like this. At home, I’ve mopped the floors twice since I moved in with B in June. I sweep and vaccum on the reg. Seems it’s only my workspace that I’m fine w/ dust and crumbs. I guess like to live dangerously in my professional life; I don’t even use a coaster! My desk has more rings than Michael Jordan (sorry, I’ve been itching for a chance to put that basketball hall of fame trivia to use).

My keyboard is the real problem. Ever since I read an article about hidden spots for germs I can’t stop thinking about how grimey it is. I dropped some of my egg on it today while I was eating lunch and spent about two seconds contemplating whether to eat it or not. Actually, that’s a big lie. There was never the question of if I was going to eat it; my hard-boiled egg is the best part of my day lunch. The only thing I was contemplating was if I should pick it up immediately and pop it in my mouth or try to rub some of the hidden germs off. I went with the former; hey, I was hungry.

I even went so far as to ask someone where the Fantastik was. He pointed in the direction of the kitchen, so I promptly thanked him and walked the other way. I didn’t want to seem too eager or anything. Like my desk was so filthy that I had to run for the cleaning supplies (even thought it is and I should).

Guess I should wrap this up and get to scrubbin’. These germs aren’t going to kill themselves. And I’ll probably feel so much better after - scratch that, the UPS guy is here. And I know he’s got something for me; I’ve been tracking a package all afternoon. Guess the germs are safe forever now.