Starstruck by the Avengers

You might call B and I trendsetters. I would like that very much. Although it may not be a wholly accurate statement. I like to think that we’re ahead of the curve, making things hip before they are, but the truth is we’re very much aligned with the curve. Maybe even behind it.

We just got around to seeing The Avengers. We planned to go opening weekend, but we never made it. We wanted to go to after that but things just kept coming up. The biggest challenge being that I’m usually asleep by 10pm and can’t be trusted to stay awake, even if I did just pony up $12 bucks.

Yesterday we were up ridiculously early for a Sunday (even more surprising considering all the beers we had the night before). We went to get my car washed, grab breakfast, and take a walk on the parkway near our house and were home by 10:30am. Huh. How come I can’t be that productive during the weekdays?

Seeing as how we had crammed a whole days’ worth of activity into a few short hours, we decided to call it a day and spend the rest of our Sunday doing nothing. I was checking movie times and saw that Avengers was playing in the theater near us at 11:45 (that’s AM, not PM, obv).

I enjoy going to the movies as much as the next gal, but I can’t always rationalize the ticket price. But action movies are way better in the theater (remember that when you rent Fast Five from Redbox; it sucks b/c you’re watching it in your living room instead of the big screen, not because the plot/actors/entire franchise is played out). I thought we’d catch a break w/ a matinee. When did a $9 ticket become a bargain?

I’d say the price was worth it. Marvel movies rarely disappoint. Or maybe I’m just a superhero junkie. Either way, I enjoyed myself. I thought the guy w/ the bow and arrow would be lame compared to players like Thor and Captain America, but Hawkeye was pretty badass. And looked hella good doing it. They all did. There was no shortage of sculpted arms and tousled hair. As hard as it was to pick the most do-able heroic, I’d have to go with Iron Man. Tony Stark is the ultimate superhero; brilliant, sexy, strong, confident, funny. And evidently loves eating. His first question after saving the world was about dinner. That's my kind of man.

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make sure you stay after the credits for both easter eggs. the second one is classic


xo kelsey said…
totally agree, movie ticket prices are OUTRAGEOUS! they cost about as much as the actual DVD!! it drives me crazy
brigidmc12 said…
seriously! and don't get me started on the concession prices. what is it about movie popcorn that is so much better than when you make it at home?
Ashley said…

I just followed, follow back?
I'd really appreciate it :)
brigidmc12 said…
thanks, doll! will do, your blog looks really cute = )