Ice Ice, Baby

I heard on my radio station this morning that the Bruins are now officially accepting applications for the new crop of Ice Girls. Holy cats, this could be my time to shine! Not only would my 5’2 stubby athletic frame look smashing in that ensemble, my vast knowledge of the Boston Bruins would finally pay off.

I think I’d fit right in with the current squad. I’m very comfortable in stretch pants and I can pose something fierce with over-sized sports equipment. Any old gal can look cute holding a basketball or rocking some cleats. But making a puck and hockey gloves look sexy? That’s real talent right there. I’m up for the challenge.

No skating or dancing experience necessary? Consider this in the bag. My dancing is on point, anyway, so I’ll probably look like a profesh next to the ladies who are trying out b/c they actually like the Bruins. Everyone knows hockey fans can’t dance. Ask my sister-who recently got real into hockey- how many songs she danced to at our cousins wedding last Friday.

My junior year in college, my friends and I lived in a suite down the hall from some hockey players. Never in my life have I come across a more wild group of guys. The water fountain on our floor was constantly smashed in and leaking. Pizza boxes framed the arc of their doorway in some kind of art/trash exhibit. One time my friend and I stepped off the elevator to a puck literally whizzing by our faces. The guys liked to get some extra practice time in our the hallway. Never stopped working, those hockey boys.

I wonder if the Bruins ever get out of control. Nah, they’re probably pretty tame. Hockey players usually are.

maybe i'm better suited to be Blades


Sarah said…
HAHAHAHA. If you were to ask me, I would tell you I danced to 2 songs at the wedding. But that was more about the DJ's choice of music and that fact I was DD, and less about your assertion that real hockey fans can't dance. Which I can't. But I couldn't dance long before I started watching "real" hockey. :)