Members Only

I think everyone in the greater Boston area wonders the reasoning behind the placement of Franklin Park Zoo. It’s an odd location, really; animals appeared to have dropped out of the sky and landed in the middle of the 'hood Dorchester.

Not to say it isn’t a great zoo. Sprawling terrain, traveling exhibits, and a golf course and park to boot. Once you’ve had your fill of wildlife, you can wander out of the zoo’s limits to get your checks cashed and your hair did. 

When I lived in Dorchester, I was maybe a ten-minute bus ride from the zoo. It was pretty awesome, me being five-years-old an avid animal lover and all. Whenever anyone visited me, I had a built-in attraction to show off. Now that I’m north of the city, I don’t make it as often, but Beth and I are still members. Which paid off yesterday when B and I got there just before it opened to see the GIANT line that had already formed. We got to bypass that shit for the “members only” queue. Take that, suckas.

wittle baby 'rilla #hammocklivin

being king of the jungle is clearly a tiresome gig

the scariest animal of all! 
oh wait, that's just B.