Update: My Brilliance Knows No Limits

I did my first link-up today. Booyah, bitches.

Except that I didn't really know what I was doing. And when I went to link it up there was a little confusion. End result: I listed the title of the post instead of my name and blog link. So instead of seeing my link and being all, "ooh, gotta check that blog out STAT" people will be all "who's the dipshit who doesn't know how to do a correct link-up?" 

check out #106 and #107. shhh....

I knew I would somehow mess this up. Now Amber will probably think I'm trying to get double the hits off her link-up. Or she'll think I'm the biggest moron. Hopefully the blog world will accept my humble apology.

Jeez Louise, I'm 25, not 85. You'd think I'd know my way around here. Excuse me while I go shake my fist at the hoodlums who won't turn their music down and grab a sweater for this brisk 75-degree afternoon.