Happy National Running Day!

Has anyone else heard of this holiday, b/c I sure haven't. And I'm what some people might call a "runner" (I wouldn't call myself a runner, but to people like my bf who won't even run to catch a bus, I'm a legit "runner," mmmkay).

I'm all about these asinine faux holidays, like National Grilled Cheese Day and National Clean Your Room Day. When is National Lay on Your Couch Eating Nachos Day going to catch on?

Apparently June 6th is National Running Day. Because, ya know, nothing else happened on this day in our nation's history that merits recognition.

I actually planned on running today after work, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw #nationalrunningday trending on Twitter. It's like the universe knew I was going to kick the slump I've been in. The weather is even cooperating; the sun is out for the first time all week. Holler! 

So lace up your sneaks and get out there. Even if you're just running to the liquor store. Hey, it counts.

before Broad Street w/ my fave running buddy!

after the half, w/ one of my fave cheerleaders!
yes, i wore the same shirt. running is one pricey mistress.


Yeewuz said…
As a matter of fact I did run to the bus that same day!