Who Would Play YOU in a Movie?

My friends and I had this game in college where we would obsess over which actor would play us in the story of our lives. Obviously, we were going places; they don’t make movies about just anyone these days (just ask Fantasia).

We’re not talking some Lifetime special of the week; we’re talking feature films, blockbuster budget, and smashing success. Shannen Doherty was obviously a point of contention between us, as we argued over which lucky gal got to have herself portratyed by the enigmatic mind that is Brenda Walsh.

Every now and then we would throw around new names - ladies that had just come onto the scene, or girls we never considered who had a dye job for a recent role; clearly they could now capture our essence on film. Because the root of it all was superficial. You might have a favorite actress and own all her films, but not have a shot at her playing you on the silver screen. Because she’s a redhead. Them’s the rules.

After lots of back-and-forth, the actress we decided to play me in the story of my life was....wait for it...Rory Gilmore Alexis Bledel. I know, I know; the resemblance is eerie.

guess this means I'll have to start wearing my part on the other side  

Kindly save the snarky comments. I’m not delusional; as much as I wish it were the case, I know we’re not the same, er, proportions (read: I’m not tall and thin). But we’ve got the fair skin, brown hair and blue-eyes going for us. And the fact that homegirl is 30, yes as in 3-0, and looks like she’s about 15. I get mistaken for a student on the reg. Comes with the territory of living in a city with more college students than coffee shops, I guess (although as I’m getting farther and farther away from my college years, it’s not the insult it once was).

I’m not Bledel’s biggest fan or anything, but I enjoyed the movies about the friends who all shared a pair of pants. Because those are just the type of realistic, thought-provoking roles I want the girl playing me to be in.

I was excited when I saw her pop up on Mad Men this season. She’s not a Gilmore Girl anymore, I’ll say that much. She may look like one, but her antics are much more adult this time around. Cheating husbands, starting fistfights, electro-shock therapy; it’s some crazy shit. I was a little indignant when her character started sleeping with Pete. The girl who’s playing me should be sexing Don Draper, not the grossest partner in the firm (yeah, I’d take Bert over Pete; at least he’s funny).

So I was even more distressed to read yesterday that she’s dating Pete Campbell in real life. That guy exists outside of Mad Men? And he’s banging the woman who will be playing MY LIFE one day? There goes her spotless record. If Post-Grad didn’t ruin it already.

On another note, Stephanie over at Bourbon and Glitter is having a giveaway that you'd be crazy not to enter. No offense if you're crazy. It'll probably help my chances of winning = )


Yeewuz said…
Hey, at least Bert's a full partner and gets his name in the company's title.
brigidmc12 said…
excellent point, BB! he'll keep me rolling in the dough, fo sho
Michele said…
Peter always said Jennifer Connolley. I guess she looks about as much like me as I could hope! :)