The Start of Wedding Season

Was today extra Monday-ish, or what? Maybe it was because I was off last Friday and had a nice three-day weekend at home with the fam. Combined w/ the fact that it was my second three-day weekend in a row and I don’t remember how to handle five day work weeks. Woof.

Beth, B and I drove to Syracuse after work on Thursday for my cousins’ wedding on Friday. It wasn’t the best wedding weather (read: cool and rainy), but the ceremony and reception were inside, so it could have been worse. It didn’t even matter; everything ended up being beautiful.

Whenever there’s a dance floor, it’s guaranteed that Beth and I will pretty much be doing synchronized dances and making everyone else uncomfortable owning it. We can get our groove on to practically anything. Except music that we were conceived to when our parents were our age. Or worse, music that our parents didn’t even enjoy when they were our age. Which was the entirety of the DJ’s repertoire.

Fortunately, we know how to bring the party. Instead of getting jiggy with it, we got our chat on w/ family we don’t see very often. And had a two-hour photo shoot.

double date 

kisses from B

um, dancing? who took this...

cousin lovin'

aren't we presh? 
(don't mind my stance, i'm trying to avoid a fat photo arm) 


Michele said…
love the pics!!!
Malory said…
HAHAHAHA "trying to avoid a fat photo arm". I do that in every photo. Ps you succeeded!
brigidmc12 said…
phew! sometimes you avoid the fat arm, sometimes you don't ; )