Happy Solstice!

Since I killed it w/ my last link-up, I decided to try another one. I’m feelin the love today!

What I'm Loving today...

...that it’s the first day of summer! And the longest day of the year! Something about it being light at 9pm is magical (however, I’m NOT loving the heat advisory that's in effect until tomorrow night. I thought I lived in New England, not New Mexico).

...that B and I have wedding on Friday, so it’s a short work week. Looking forward to tons of dancing, drinking and picture taking come Friday.

...that I’ll get to see my parents this weekend at the Basketball Hall of Fame. It’s (kind of) on the way back to Boston from our wedding, and my parents decided to meet up w/ us so we can get our fill of Coach Boeheim.

...that my first email of the day was from B about planning an upcoming vacation. Hawaii? Cali? Florida? (he doesn’t have a passport, so we’re gonna hang stateside, but the possibilities are endless!)

...that my building is celebrating the first day of summer w/ an ice cream social in the lobby this afternoon! Ice cream is a year-round treat, but come summer, I don’t have to pretend to feel guilty eating it five three times a week.
never had abbott's but since they're sponsoring the social, I'll give it a shot

...that I’ve made dinner every night this week (cereal and grilled cheese count, right?). Yeah, it’s only Wednesday, but this is like, a record for us.

...that we got a hit off Craigslist for someone to come pick up some of the crap we accumulated from combining two households. The spare room is starting to look like the early stages of a Hoarder’s episode.

...the new trailer that Pixar released for Monsters University. Genius. Hilarious. And...hitting theaters next summer.


agalandherdog said…
Craigslist is great!
brigidmc12 said…
I know, you can score some real finds on there!

Thanks for stopping by = )