Mustache Mayhem

If I have to see ONE MORE facebook pic of a group of girls sporting some variety of fake moustache, I might not be held accountable for some impolite comments cropping up on said picture.

It started off innocently enough; a finger-drawn mustache here, a mustache stamped onto your glass/straw/beverage there. Hilarious!

But now...months and months (and months) later, it’s a little “been there, done that,” don’t ya think? We get it; you’re clever. With a good sense of humor. And clearly some kind of obsession with facial hair.

Where do we draw the line? It’s a faux ‘stache today. But I’m a little concerned about tomorrow. For the guy who’s going to take a sharpie to his thighs and start the pube trend. Don't say I didn't warn you.

okay, okay, I caved. it IS hilarious.


Jen said…
I saw a huge one attached to the front of a car at the mall one day...I feel your pain
Paige said… I know! I'm getting so sick of the mustache thing! I don't even think it's funny. It's like "oh, look, I can copy the other 8 million people who have done this! woohoo!" The one exception was when I saw a pacifier with a mustache. That was adorable.
brigidmc12 said…
a car w/ a mustache? wow, someone really invested their time in that one, lol.

and that pacifier mustache sounds absolutely adorable...i would love to see a baby gumming on that!