Smitten With City Sports

Sometimes I wonder if maybe I was a boy in a past life. I’d rather spend an extra 20 minutes sleeping than doing my hair. I prefer shorts to skirts. And I certainly sweat like one (gross, I know).

Then I remember how much I love high heels and Disney princesses, and that I’d rather do the entire Duggar’s family laundry than watch a football game, and I realize that whatever happened in a past life, I’m definitely a girl in this one.

Although my favorite store might not be considered a typical “girl” store.

Do you have a City Sports near you? I’m recently OBSESSED. Ever since I started running I can’t go by one w/out ducking in to check their latest gear. Which is problematic when there’s one a few blocks from your office. And you never have enough money for everything you want, so you end up roaming the aisles longingly, staring at all the shit you can't afford. Only to end up buying a $3 GU b/c it’s the only thing you can afford. I think the clerks are on to me.

I can’t keep tormenting myself like this. And I certainly don’t need anymore GU.

But you know how I did the Corporate Challenge last week? (of course you do...but if you need a refresher click here) One of the perks of road races like that is the free swag you get for participating. All runners received a virtual goody bag; basically an email w/ some coupons for local merchants. And you know what one of the coupons was? 20% off at City Sports! Do these people know runners, or what?

I went there last week to see what I wanted to buy w/ my coupon. I was browsing the Under Armour when I saw a sign tucked behind a corner saying “Outlet Now Open” w/ an arrow pointing. I turned the corner and saw a staircase. I descended the staircase, not wanting to get my hopes up, but failing miserably. Because “outlet” only means one thing = shopping spree. Am I right, or am I right?

I wasn’t disappointed. Their whole basement was stocked with shelves of sneakers, racks of clothes, and walls lined with athletic gear. All at marked-down prices. It was like I stepped into a poor runners paradise. How had I never known about this before?!

I had made the mistake of stopping in quickly on the way to an appointment (NEVER go to City Sports w/ a time restriction). So I dragged B back over the weekend to check out the Tom’s I’d been eyeing. All the girls I'd seen in the red ones looked so cute. On me, they just didn’t look right (story of my life). Instead, I bought these little cuties.
my first pair of Sperry's!

I wasn’t able to use my coupon b/c they were already marked down, and the coupon doesn’t apply to sale items. Hey, they don’t need to give me an excuse to go back.

But they did. Yesterday I was checking my email and I saw one from City Sports in my inbox. I’m a rewards member, and they were emailing me my points for the last period. $14 worth. I’ll be on their website all day, finding the items I want for when I stop over after work. Or on my lunch break. I mean, I do have two separate deals to use.


Jen said…
I want a pair of Sperry's so bad. Those are cute!
Yeewuz said…
You know you could just do MY laundry while I'm watching games every Sunday. The Duggar's have plenty of slave labor (read: kids) at their disposal.
Brigid said…
@Jen-Thanks! They're super comfy, too. If you can find 'em on sale, I'd say get a pair (or three)!

@Brent-keep dreaming, kid
xo kelsey said…
Oooo those sperrys.. me gusta! I've worn my same pair for the past 4 years & they're still the comfiest shoes I own! I've been super tempted lately to buy the leopard print pair, because you know, they'll match nothing.
Brigid said…
The leopard ones are so cute! You'll find stuff to match them with...or just go shopping until you do ; )
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